A few short films I produced for local PNW groups and companies:

PNW Rally School

Rally racing navigation school by Konflict Motorsports, Rally Management Services, and Rally Navigator.

The new KLiM helmet is extremely versatile, light, aerodynamic, quiet, and comfortable.

This helmet also has a Krios-specific integrated SENA bluetooth 10U headset. With 4 different modes: ADV, Dirt, Trail, and Street...it might just be the only helmet you need. Switching from one mode, to another, takes only seconds and no tools.

First Ride up the Divide

Two brand-new motorcycle riders conquer the trip from Mexico to Canada, all off-road and along the Continental Divide.

We tested a variety of the KLiM paks.

Here's the versatility and usability of the Nac Pak.

PNWDS Group Ride 001

The community of ADV and Dual Sport on a 3-day camp and ride event through the mountains and woods of the Olympic Peninsula.

More videos from over the years:

I spent 40 hours in the mountains of Montana, absolutely alone. I camped at Carlton Lake and climbed to the north summit of Lolo Peak at 9080' elevation. Thunderstorms, deep snow, fog and freezing weather overnight.

May 28-29, 2015. Lolo National Forest, Lolo, MT.

Music: Electus, Aurix.

Another visit to Mt Pilchuck, this time with my friends Andy and Tyler. We camped inside the lookout tower, and found a swimming hole. I caught a great night lapse of the stars and the lookout, as well.

Music: Aurix

2015 was one of the biggest years of my life. I had finally settled in enough here in Seattle at the end of 2014, and that opened up the opportunity to begin having fun and exploring the Pacific Northwest. This was also the first year I really started filming....a lot.

Music: The Glitch Mob