Wearing protective gear is the most important part of what we do.

Safety, comfort, weather protection, and visibility.

Here's how I break down my gear into different styles of riding:

Sometimes a ride isn't just for a few hours. Sometimes a ride can last a full weekend, to years on end, depending on how ambitious someone can be about adventure riding. Those who want to go far, taking the long road, on a path not easy for most vehicles. Different terrain, speeds, weather, and bike condition can really make things uncomfortable, difficult, and dangerous. Being so far from home, you can't just throw the bike in the truck and drive home. You may not see another person in days. Friends can be many, many miles away. It's best to be prepared.

For the garage-to-trail enthusiast out there, dual sporting is the ultimate choice. Throwing on moto gear while in your living room, leaving your garage on the bike, and finding singletrack is the ultimate day ride. The "no real plan" attitude and desire to "play" are strong here. Sometimes taking a full day, a dual sport ride has to take in account for all of the hazards and obstacles of adventure riding, without the need to bring luggage to outfit ourselves for days on end. 

We all need a challenge from time to time. Pushing ourselves to our limits on hard trails can be exhausting, overheating, and dangerous. Times like these, bringing the bike to the riding area is absolutely the best choice. A plus side to this is the lack of need for heavier protective gear, since we won't be braaping down the highway or in traffic, allowing us to wear lighter armor and outerwear to keep cool and maintain mobility.