Snowtember at Mt Hood

Volcano Hunting

Somehow found this one, lost, moto.

Got a Mt. Hood tour from it's owner.


After a bit of a hiatus from riding the 500, due to a rear hub failure, I met up with Jesse Rosten to venture around one of the best looking mountains I've seen. Jesse rides a Husaberg FE570, a pretty uncommon bike, and built in a unique way.

We started out at Government Camp, OR. Just a few moments of rolling down the highway, and we ended up at the entrance to Barlow Road. This was a wagon trail built a long time ago.

A quick drop in tire pressure, and we took off down the trail.


It's been a very hot summer, especially for the Pacific Northwest. Tons of parts of the region had been burning for quite sometime, until we finally got a few days of solid rain. This change in weather occurred just days prior to this ride, so the dirt was the perfect dampness. No dust, but not too slick. Perfect traction for most of the day.

Checking for consequences.

Checking for consequences.


You can tell when someone has spent time on a trials bike:


I'm pretty unfamiliar with this part of the PNW so far, but from the sounds of it, this is pretty early in the year to be getting snow. Still being pretty warm out, the snow was melting quickly and became extra slick. We found this at about 5600' on an alternate route, after finding that a large portion of Barlow road was closed off.


This was the first ride I had done since replacing my hub. After a few times of loose sprocket hardware, the OEM hub rounded out it's mounting holes. It wouldn't hold hardware no matter what I did. I didn't have any choice but to replace it with this Warp 9 setup


Tons of the trails out here were full of these rollers, and made it a fun ride carrying front tires over them continually.


My 500 is outfitted with a grab handle on the right side, and I found that it makes a perfect mounting location for my Fatty tool roll. No straps, bungees, or carrying tools in a backpack.


Definitely a wheelie good time with OneLostMoto.