Sunday on the Loop


The absolute best season for a dual sport ride in the PNW, no contest.

Changing colors of the woods adds to the effect, but the weather is what really makes me love this riding season. Cool air, hanging fog, and moisture on the ground. It's a scientifically proven combination to get the best ride possible in this region, ask a chemist.

Anna and I took an easy route around the backroads of the Mountain Loop Highway. Most of the time we spent rolling was on dirt, and far enough away from the main route to not run into a single other vehicle the entire day. Click the GPX button at the top of this story to get a copy of our route for this ride.

We found dead-ends, big puddles, and tons of very overgrown roads that wedged our fairings full of leaves and small branches. 

Of course, I had to stop us every so often throughout the day for a photoshoot.

Pictured:   Anna Baklund

Pictured: Anna Baklund