Chasing the Sunset


Summer: My "dual sport season".

I don't mind the cold, the wet, the cloudy. In fact, that's actually my preferred riding weather. You can stay cool all day, and without the bright sun. Nothing completely wrong with summer though, the daylight hours alone make it worth it. Clear air for those epic viewpoints, dry roads and lack of mud, and not freezing your ass off on the highway getting to your trail. A few dollars for some gas in the tank and you're free.

....and now your riding buddies are less hesitant to toll the bike out of the garage.

Adam and Robbie joined in on my idea to get some night photos at a viewpoint somewhere in the nearby mountains. We gassed up in a town 45 mins away from Everett, grabbed a few IPAs, and found a winding paved backroad through the hills.


We eventually hopped over a few "things" and ended up on a rough dirt road cutting through some very tall forest. It was nice to get out of the sun, but the dust was pretty intense with how silty the top layer was. The trade off, however, was how cool the sunlight looked passing through the trees with a dust cloud passing through them. 


Our road quickly turned into very steep switchbacks with hairpin corners, as we gained altitude very quickly every few feet. The silt and baby-head rocks had us bouncing and sliding all over, but we kept racing each other up the hill, anyway. Definitely no easy challenge for the supermoto we had in the pack. With a bit more restraint than Adam and I had, Robbie still got it to the top.

Rewarded with this view, we had a couple beers, took a few photos, and had a run-in with a few angry birds. Not bad for a Tuesday night.


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Photo:   Adam Shelby

Stayed out way too late on a weeknight to get this shot. #worthit

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