PNW Rally School 2016


My photos from this event were featured in a DIRT RIDER story written by Seiji Ishii.

Based in the Deschutes National Forest outside of Bend, OR, I had the privilege to film and photograph advanced riders as they completed a rally racing navigation clinic.

The school was organized by Konflict Motorsports and Rally Management Services.

My video production of the training.


Chasing these racers was no easy task. Luckily, we had a Ford Raptor to get around the desert and station ourselves at various waypoints on the route to catch a few photos as the riders blasted down the trail.

Casey "MotoMan" Hilliard. Amazing rider, awesome human. One of my favorite photos I've taken.

Prepping roadbooks to load on the bike.

I set up SENA prism cameras to grab footage of the riders navigating the course.


See my full PNW Rally School album here: